Soccer Coaching for 7-13 year olds

Soccer Coaching for 7-13 year olds

Weekend Classes

Time: Saturdays, 11.25am – 12.35pm
Dates: 20th April – 13th July (12 weeks)
No classes June 1st
Venue: Palewell Common, Palewell Common Drive, Sheen SW14 8RE

Kids Works football classes are fun – so much so, that you may not see the meticulous planning and support that goes into every class that we teach. Below is a sample lesson plan to give you an idea about how our classes are set out for our coaches and how much we aim to achieve in every class.


Example Lesson 7-9 year olds

Here, our coaches now pick up and drive that football development, pushing them to improve their individual and all round team play. Overall, we pride ourselves on our carefully thought-out program, aimed at getting the best from your child in a challenging but fun way. With our progressive programme the children build on their skills rapidly and enable both you and your child to share in their delight. Nothing beats seeing that first goal, first tackle, first pass and to continue it outside of classes.

Warm up and register.

Practice 1 – Timing of Pass

KidsWorks-practice2Divide children into groups of 3, with one ball per group.

Player A stands in a corner of a square and passes to the empty corner for Player B to run on and receive the pass. As Player B receives the ball, Player C waits (ensure receiver has controlled the ball) then sprints to corner in order to reach the return pass at full speed.

Accurate passing is essential. Change direction half way through.

Teaching Points:
Emphasise running onto the ball, so not static. Why? Link with when in match and want to ‘lose’ opponent, or create width etc. On balls of feet and ‘show for the ball’.

Practice 2 – Pass and Go – Go past and shoot

kidsworkspractice1One player is in goal and another is the defender. The rest of the group are attackers, lined up one behind another, with a ball each. The first attacker passes to the coach and runs on for a return pass. The attacker must ‘go past’ the defender before shooting. If the move breaks down (i.e. attacker is tackled, or dribbles too wide) all change positions; Attacker becomes Defender; Defender becomes Goalie and Goalie takes attacker’s ball and joins back of line. Perform with speed.

Teaching Points:
As above practice, on first pass encourage a ’pause’, so receive ball ahead. Look up and and commit to ‘dodge’ around defender (demo some examples). Defender move forwards not back and ‘time’ tackle. GK hands ready, body spread and narrow the angle by coming out.

12.00 – 12.23   MATCH
12.34 – 11.57   MATCH

Warm down and finish.


Have a look at what goes on at Kids Works Soccer School. Here is a gallery for you to check out the classes for 7-13 year olds at Kids Works.

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