Soccer Programmes

Kids Works Soccer School Programmes

Kids Works football classes are fun – so much so, you may not see the meticulous planning and support that goes into every class that we teach.

Ages 3-5

For the youngest age-group we use a fun game–based approach to introduce key football skills such as directional dribbling, ball control and of course the much anticipated “mini–match”. It is especially important to make the football fun – to capture the young footballers interest and instil a life-long love of football. However we never forget that the basic skills are important and activities are all short and sweet, appropriate to their attention spans.

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KidsWorks-soccer-class-ages-5-7Ages 5-7

At this age we try to build on their core skills, and while it’s still fun we increase the challenge by bringing in group practices and team play. This helps the development of social interaction and cooperation. Whatever their level, they are encouraged to feel and act like a ‘professional’.

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Kids-soccer-class-7-13 year oldsAges 7-13

Here, our coaches now pick up and drive that football development, pushing them to improve their individual and all round team play. Overall, we pride ourselves on our carefully thought-out program, aimed at getting the best from your child in a challenging but fun way. With our progressive program the children build on their skills rapidly and enable both you and your child to share in their delight. Nothing beats seeing that first goal, first tackle, first pass and to continue it outside of classes.

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1 to 1 coaching

For all our age groups we also provide 1 to 1 coaching.
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