About Kidsworks

Why come to Kids Works Soccer School?

Kids Works was one of the first independent companies back in 1991 to offer a programme of fun, structured skills for pre-school (age 3+) and older children. Football for children was still being played on full size pitches back in those days, so we introduced the 4-9 year olds to a mini-match set up, which provided the opportunity to have more ‘touches’ of the ball, and thus, greater participation.

Kids Works was created by Lorraine and Melvin at a time when there was a shortage of challenging sporting activities for the enthusiastic younger child and very little consideration of the importance of structured activity, something which is now very much in the news!

We developed the programme, based on our wealth of personal knowledge, not only in regard to content, but also in our ability to present this content in a format suitable to both the younger, more sensitive and older, inquisitive child.

Our Soccer Programme

Kids Works ensures that the content and presentation are suited to the challenges of short attention span, insecurities and developing physical structure that a younger child presents. Sessions are relaxed and fun-like, but always maintain a sense of purpose. In addition our sessions are purposely active to suit the child’s natural exuberance and love of movement and physical challenges.


Aout KidsWorks soccer programmesWhilst coaching qualifications are useful (a programme of content is provided), we believe that for the success of a younger child’s enjoyment, the coach also needs to be able to relate to the different demands which come from teaching the very young and more mature child. Once chosen, our staff are provided with the tools to cajole, empathise and simply bring out the best in each and every child. A tremendous passion to impart a sense of love of football and physical activity is required.

Staff have successfully undergone DBS checks and been made aware of the Child Protection, Health and Safety procedures. A First Aider is also present. Testimony to the friendliness and professionalism of Kids Works, some of our coaches have been with us for over 10 years.

Fun-filled soccer camps

To fill those long holiday breaks why not book on a holiday camp? These are relaxed Summer-soccer-camps-2021but still provide skills and challenges alongside the well-loved matches. Age groups range from 5-10 with sub-groups of tighter age bands to ensure everyone gets a chance to play. Enrol now.

Football or Games based Parties

Kids Works recognises how special a birthday should be and our parties offer a mixture of football skills, tournaments and if games based, challenges, fun games and parachute play. Fun, laughter and high energy football and games organised by our Qualified coaches. We offer a range of packages that will make your child’s birthday party a memorable one. Either email or call us for further information.

Why choose Kids Works?

Well, because our aim is to continue to make football more accessible to children of all abilities and to offer a personal, friendly and caring environment for both you and your child.