Soccer Coaching for 3-5 year olds

Soccer Coaching for 3-5 year olds

KidsWorks soccer class ages 3-5Weekend Classes

Time: Saturdays, 9:20 – 10.05am
Dates: Dates: 20th April – 13th July (12 weeks)
No classes June 1st
Venue: Palewell Common, Palewell Common Drive, Sheen SW14 8RE

Kids Works football classes are fun – so much so, you may not see the meticulous planning and support that goes into every class that we teach. Below is a sample lesson plan to give you an idea about how our classes are set out for our coaches and how much we aim to achieve in every class.


Example Lesson 3-5 year olds

For the youngest age-group we use a fun game–based approach to introduce key football skills such as directional dribbling, ball control and of course the much anticipated “mini–match”. It is especially important to make the football fun – to capture the young footballers interest and instil a life-long love of football. However we never forget that the basic skills are important and activities are all short and sweet, appropriate to their attention spans.

Warm up and register.

Skill work e.g. 1 on 1 with ball (coach refers to Skill Work sheet before class for various ideas).

Practice 1 – Traffic Lights

Each child has a ball. Everyone is spread out along a line.
‘Green’ means jog with ball.
‘Amber’ means slow down.
‘Red’ means stop (with foot on the ball).

Add a stop and turn.
Stop, kick ball ahead and chase after it.
Add noises ( to make it ‘fun’.

Teaching Points:
Dribbling: Keep ball close to feet, ‘tap, tap’ action. Use both feet and look up and down constantly.

Practice 2 – Shark Attack

Each child has a ball.
The children (fishes) try to cross from one side of the sea (pitch) to the other.
The teachers (Sharks) gently tackle the children.
Perform without balls first, then with balls.

Demonstrate how ‘dodge’ past. Select two children to be ‘Sharks’ (demonstrate tackle).

Teaching Points:
Look up and ahead (space awareness), ball close to feet and turn their back to sharks as pass (shield ball).

Mini Matches 5 a-side

5 a-side matches.
Race to teacher and finish.



Have a look at what goes on at Kids Works Soccer School. Here is a gallery for you to check out the 3-5 year olds classes at KidsWorks.

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