Guidance Policy for Parents /Carers attending Kids Works Sessions and Camps

Guidance Policy for Parents /Players attending Kids Works Soccer School

The return of football is most welcome, but it must be done with careful consideration for everyone’s safety – especially vulnerable groups, children and their families. Anyone who is deemed vulnerable in respect of Covid-19 is reminded to follow the Government’s guidance, only returning when it is right for them to do so. If you choose for your child to take part, you will need to give your consent to Kids Works via the enrolment form and to agree to the measures included within this Policy and the Privacy Policy (Track & Trace) for everyone’s safety during Covid-19.

Kids Works will continually review its guidance in response to any changes issued by the Government, Department of Media, Culture and Sport (DCMS), Sport England, the FA, and LBRUT and we will update you, accordingly.

Important: In line with Government advice, we need to ensure that those involved in any activity at Kids Works do NOT attend any sessions at any stage if, in the past 14 days they:

Have been unwell, or experienced cold and flu like symptoms, or have experienced respiratory symptoms (even mild)
Have been in contact with a known, or suspected case of COVID-19.
Have been asked to isolate by NHS ‘Test and Trace’ or they are considered as extremely vulnerable on health grounds.
Parents will be required to check their child before leaving home for any of the above symptoms.

Kids Works is introducing new mandatory measures in order to mitigate the risks of Covid-19. The possibility of a Covid-19 outbreak still exists. You should only enrol for our classes if you agree to abide by these new measures and accept that Kids Works cannot be held responsible should an outbreak occur within our classes. The new mandatory measures are as follows:


  • If your child has an additional disability, or medical needs, please ensure you have discussed this specifically with us. You can then agree how/if these needs can be met within current Government Covid-19 guidance.
  • You should follow best practice for travel including minimising use of public transport, and walking or cycling, if possible. People from a household, or support bubble can travel together in a vehicle. This may change and you should check for updates on the Government website.
  • Your child will be allocated a group area to head to and, to avoid any congestion drop off and collection areas will be set apart. These areas will be forwarded in an email prior to the start of our Saturday sessions.
  • Please ensure your child has been to the toilet prior to leaving home. If the toilets are open at Palewell Common, Parents/Carers will be responsible for taking their child to the toilet ensuring stringent hygiene is adhered to.
  • Children must maintain good hygiene, hand washing and social distancing.


On arrival, your child will need to register with their Coach and you will need to confirm a self-check has been made. The younger age group will be given a ‘safe’ space for their belongings, (named sanitiser, named water bottle, named goalie gloves) and asked to sanitise their hands before playing.

  • Water bottles must not be shared with anyone else.
  • Children will be advised to try and avoid touching equipment with their hands e.g. cones and footballs. The focus should be on kicking their own ball (or the ball they have been given).
  • Equipment should not be shared, and goalkeepers should ensure they disinfect their gloves regularly in breaks during training, or matches and thoroughly afterwards.
  • Players and Coaches should sanitise hands before and after sessions and during scheduled breaks throughout a game, or training session.
  • If your child needs to sneeze, or cough, encourage them to do so into a tissue, or upper sleeve and advise them to avoid touching their face. Bin the tissues immediately.
  • If your child is injured, only a member of their household may aid them. A first-aider will be present, and they will be equipped with the appropriate PPE to protect themselves and others if they need to break social-distancing guidelines to provide medical assistance, if a life-threatening injury.
  • Parents must also stand well back and social distance themselves from other parents – congregating in groups should be avoided, along with shouting.
  • If your child becomes symptomatic during the session, they should be immediately removed and taken home as soon as possible. NHS guidance on further management of symptoms should be followed.


  • When the session is finished, Parent/Carers and their children should be encouraged to leave the venue immediately, thereby avoiding any congestion.
  • All participants should wash their hands or use hand sanitiser at the earliest opportunity and personal equipment should be wiped down with a disinfectant.
  • Staff will clean equipment in between each group session and at the end.

We want to thank you, in advance, for playing a vital role in helping Kids Works get going again. By observing Government guidance and the football-specific protocols, let’s work together to ensure the transition back to enjoying football is as smooth and safe as possible.